Careem ebikes in Dubai – the easy way to cycle

May 28, 2020

I have very much missed cycling during lockdown, so I was extremely happy to see that Careem ebikes opened up again last week. I downloaded the app, paid my weekly fee, sanitised my hands, put on the gloves, unlocked the bike and I was ready to go! It should be noted I was also wearing a mask which is currently mandatory in Dubai otherwise it is a fine of 3,000 AED (£667), a rather expensive transgression.

Careem ebikes closed during the Dubai lockdown in April but have opened with a comprehensive set of instructions to minimise the risk of COVID transmission including providing gloves and sanitiser at every station.

The bike itself is fairly heavy but it does have a robust motor that makes even gentle inclines on tired legs seem effortless. The seat is extremely easy to adjust so it is easy to cycle and the bikes are well maintained and clean.

I am now hooked on electric bikes so much so that I am now going to purchase an electric bike for use in the UK as it helps me re-capture some of my youthful fitness!

Download the Careem Bikes app for your phone or read more information here:  Happy electric cycling!

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