French impose a 135 euro fine on electric scooters

April 2, 2019

“Ahead of national legislation on electric scooters expected this year, the French capital’s council voted to impose a 135 euro ($155) fine for riding on the sidewalk and a 35 euro fine for blocking the sidewalk with parked scooters, the city said on its website. The city will also remove badly parked scooters.

The city council said that while it supported new forms of mobility that replace polluting vehicles, the growth in the use of stand-up electric scooters was putting pedestrians at risk, notably old people and infants, while anarchic parking hinders parents with prams and people in wheelchairs.” (from article)

After a near collision with an electric scooter on a pavement last week, I think this legislation is a great first step to prevent accidents! scooters transport

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