Global Public Transport Operators – COVID-19 Recovery Plans

April 21, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an extraordinary effect on health, world’s economy and general day-to-day life and sadly it isn’t over yet. What I have found heartening, as someone who is an avid public transport user, are the plans to restart public transport operations. A summary of these measures (Asia and Europe) is shown below which maybe of interest.

I highly recommend UITP and UIC’s website for a global overview and thanks go to Nick Bolton on Unsplash for the photo.


• All customers to maintain a minimum separation, with additional staff to encourage social distances. • All customers wear a mask and scan QR codes with their health and personal details which will be used to trace their journeys in the event of any new outbreak. • Body temperatures are recorded at stations by infrared devices (<37.3 C) • Suspension of single-way tickets and train load rate controlled below 60% (Shanghai).


Masks are obligatory. Free masks for customers to pick up from community centres in advance of travel. • Notices on seats and benches to ensure there is a space between customers • 1 m distance on public transport


• Madrid metro opened with additional signage with masks required to travel. Masks were offered to all customers at metro entrance. • Payment by cash is not accepted • RENFE offers a personalised ticket to enable COVID-19 tracking.


• No requirement to wear masks • Guidance given to customers covers social distancing. • If possible, please travel outside peak-hours. If customers are sick or feel ill, please don’t use bus, train or metro. Follow coronasmitte.dks for more information.

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